To our community

How We Can Help

As we all respond to COVID-19, know that our network is proud to be part of a community that has worked together to reinforce well-being, mitigate risk, and protect and care for one another. As end of life doulas, we are strongly committed to keeping connection at a time when hardship is impacting so many of us. Our aim is to be of service as both literal and figurative death surrounds us. In much the same way we see end of life as a transformative threshold for our clients, our network is exploring different ways we can contribute to the wellbeing of our community, helping us all emerge stronger and with greater compassion and love.

We continue to provide compassionate presence and active support to our clients in a safe manner for them and their families. If you have a family member who is ill due to COVID-19, first and foremost – we are sorry to hear the news. And second, we are available to help you. Our creative solutions enable us to build connection and hold presence, even when (and perhaps especially when) we’re at a distance. We are working with our clients and their care partners from afar, providing guidance by phone about final wishes, facilitating family meetings using web conferencing technology, and sending care packages by mail to lift spirits.

If you’re currently struggling and would like to connect with one of our doulas, please send us a message. We understand that you may be feeling isolated, anxious, or fearful. As doulas, we have deep experience in working alongside clients who are managing similar emotions at end of life. We are here to bolster our community, and can work together to co-create strategies for shoring up your mental + emotional + physical + spiritual wholeness at this unsteady time.

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