Emotional support
at the end of life

The East Bay End of Life Doula Network is an alliance of collaborative professionals trained and experienced in end-of-life care, each with their own specializations.


We offer holistic support to the dying and their care partners.


We provide bedside presence during the active dying process.


We help the dying person ensure that their wishes are honored and carried out.


Legacy work, such as creating an ethical will or video letter at the end of life, provides opportunities to find greater meaning so you can focus on what’s most important in the time that remains.


Thoughtfully created ritual can help to recognize and honor this momentous time of transition, meeting the end of life with beauty, love, and dignity.


During this tender period, we offer physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort for the journey.

About Us

An end of life doula is a non-medical professional trained to care for a terminally ill person’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs during the dying process.

With compassionate presence, we provide holistic support to the dying person and their loved ones throughout the final days and hours of life.

Steady Guidance & Support

An end of life doula provides continuity of care and the consistent support that is invaluable to the terminally ill and their care partners. We offer steady guidance, comfort and advocacy throughout the end of life process

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